STUDIO: asia architecture & urbanism, study abroad
YEAR: four (4)
DATE: fall, 2010
DESIGN LENGTH: one (1) month
SUPPORT: andrew liang (principal, studio 0.10)

PROJECT SITE: hongqiao, shanghai, china
PROGRAM: airport, train station, bus station, infrastructure, public program nodes, public space
This project investigates the notion of architecture as a mega-form and how it relates in morphological scale to its surrounding urban fabric. The Hongqiao district in Shanghai requires a consolidation of multiple types of infrastructure: an airport, train station, subway and bus stations. As such, the project deals with how one can treat infrastructure as 'program', as a destination hub (for collection) rather than one just for dispersion. Program is treated as urban nodes and infrastructure the connective tissue. Large public program nodes like finance, museums, entertainment, and culture are introduced to turn an infrastructure hub into a destination hub and a carved public promenade is introduced to bridge the greater Hongqiao district and the existing Hongqiao airport.

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