STUDIO: public space, los angeles
YEAR: four (4)
DATE: spring, 2011
DESIGN LENGTH: four (4) months
SUPPORT: christophe cornubert (principal, push architecture)

PROJECT SITE: santa monica pier, los angeles
PROGRAM: museums, galleries, retail, housing, public space
The project site is located at the end of the historic Christopher Columbus I-10 freeway, adjacent to the Santa Monica Pier and beach. The site itself has two defining conditions: the linear flow from the pier to Colorado Blvd, and the 60 foot drop from the park to the beach.

The site is also adjacent to 3 unique typologies of public space: the beach, the pier, and the park south of the Santa Monica civic center. Our project mitigates these conditions by connecting these three vastly unique yet all equally successful typologies of public space onto the site through the creation of a new fourth typology of hybrid public space for the Santa Monica community.

The design of this new type of public space flows continuously from the street to the pier, over the design of a new museum and gallery for the city. A housing tower slab hovers over the datum created by the extension of the pier up to Ocean Avenue and defines the continuous lobby of the museum. It also defines and activates an urban street that connects the pier, the park, and the beach, that is then stimulated by supporting retail program and the density of the hovering housing tower.

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