STUDIO: AAU (asia architecture & urbanism) study abroad
SUPPORT: andrew liang (principal, studio 0.10)
TEAM: AAU study abroad team

YEAR: four (4)
DATE: march, 2012
DESIGN LENGTH: two (2) weeks

PROJECT SITE: upper rosendin gallery, watt hall, school of architecture, usc
PROGRAM: gallery exhibit
The annual USC School of Architecture study abroad showcase exhibits in 2012 featured four study abroad groups: Barcelona-Spain, Como-Italy, Asia-Summer, and Asia-Urbanism, the latter of which I had the privilege to take part of. Having traveled extensively in Asian metropolises including Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong for more than 4 months studying the micro scale of architecture to the macro scale of cities, our Asia Architecture & Urbanism study abroad exhibit aspired to both enlighten the school of our exploits, experiences, and new knowledge and dually recruit younger years to the continuation of the program.

Similar to the way we experienced our journey in scales micro to macro, our exhibit was organized conceptually by scales of perception, information, and graphics to convey the way we learned to perceive the built environment around us. We used the idea of scalar pixels to communicate the 3 scales of learning we underwent: images of the places we visited, diagrams of the concepts we encountered, and blog entries expressing our analyses of those ideas. Images were expressed at the smallest scale, linking the interspersed diagrams at the next pixel scale that dissected the architecture and urbanism we came across. Finally at the largest pixel scale, excerpts of our most insightful blog entries were presented as commentary to the surrounding images and diagrams.

Simultaneously, our journey was chronicled in sequential order of the cities and countries we traveled through in the form of 'subway stops', reminiscent of the robust infrastructure we heavily encountered throughout our trip. Exhibit visitors were drawn up the lower rosendin stairway with a graphic subway 'line' to an exhibit introduction detailing our group member biographies, then circulated around each subway 'stop' that represented each major metropolis we visited. The final 'stop' of this conceptual subway was the culmination of our months of travel and education into our studio research projects displayed on tall black towers, the contents of which explored an urban re-proposal for the Shanghai Expo 2011 site, and an infrastructural transportation mega-hub in Hongqiao, Shanghai.

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