FIRM: dosu studio architecture
PRINCIPALS: doris sung
TEAM: evan shieh (project coordinator), jessica chang, dennis chow
ROLE: schematic design, rendering, diagramming

YEAR: five (5)
DATE: june, 2012
DESIGN LENGTH: one (1) month

PROJECT SITE: conceptual, competition proposal for MOCA Geffen's The New Sculpturalism 2013 show
PROGRAM: indoor contemplation space
Blink's rolling saddle-shaped shell demonstrates the usefulness of thermobimetals both in the assembly and structural pre-stressing processes. Thermobimetal is a lamination of two metals with different coefficients of expansion that when heated to a designated temperature, results in a passive curling action. By heating this material during construction, assembly becomes more streamlined and effortless. Cooling of the material adds needed strength in the pre-stressing of the bow member and lessens the reliance on the overall frame for structure, allowing the compressive skin system to behave more like a shell. Because the overall hypar-shaped shell has not flat-bottomed portion and is extremely lightweight (approx. 80 lbs.), it can be rolled by human power to demonstrate the compressive strength of the varying areas of the surface. The correlating base, which doubles as a bench, eliminates the need for a track and reduces the gravitational load to two locations at any single point in time. This stationary bench provides a social resting place and the shell a temporary shelter for fleeting private moments.

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