FIRM: dosu studio architecture
PRINCIPALS: doris sung
TEAM: evan shieh, jessica chang, dennis chow
ROLE: schematic design, rendering, diagramming

YEAR: five (5)
DATE: june, 2012
DESIGN LENGTH: one (1) month

PROJECT SITE: conceptual, competition proposal for MOCA Geffen's The New Sculpturalism 2013 show
PROGRAM: outdoor shading space
With Kerchief, the ambition is to stitch the many aspects of thermobimetal together into a more comprehensive prototype. These conceptual images speculate on the possibility of building a sculptural canopy element as an overall shape-changing form, and may potentially demonstrate the usefulness of thermobimetals actuary effect on overall geometry.

This conceptual dynamic surface is made from four twisted quadrangles. The angles of the surfaces, which are derivative of simple hyperbolic shapes, are angled to the sun to achieve optimal sun-shading. The parametrically distributed openings have thermobimetal flaps that will open or close relative to the outdoor temperature and the exposure to the sun, resulting in a responsive surface that changes throughout the day. The changing individual thermobimetal tiles would then have a compound effect on the overall geometry, allowing the global geometry (as well as the local tiles) to react and transform during the day to optimal shading conditions demanded by the site.

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